Konnichi wa, humans👋

My name is Yaki. I suck at introduction, but I'm pretty good at eating unlimited amount of rice.

I write about cryptocurrencies, how-to articles, self-improvement, and take-aways from the books I've read at sifuyaki✏

I also make digital artworks and graphic designs mostly about song lyrics.

P.S: You can also grab free downloads of educational infographics I've made for elementary children at kidscanlearnanything

A Little More About Me

🔴I'm one of those people who think that the second law of thermodynamics is depressing.

🔴 I don't have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can find me on fediverse or decentralized social media apps instead.

🔴 I hunt down privacy-oriented apps.

🔴Book and music are my two bestfriends.

🔴I think, therefore I am not like you 😜

A Glimpse of my Artworks


I'm Lurking Here

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